Saturday, January 8, 2011

Broken Cycles

My friend Cliff, a film student, is asking for help making his newest project, and it looks like a good one.  Click below to see his promo, and afterwards read the Q&A we did.

Broken Cycle - Promo Video from Clifton Archuleta on Vimeo.

1. What inspired you to do this project? 
Hate and intolerance. The controversy over building an Islamic community center in New York, a sihk being attacked because people think he's Arab, or a young man committing suicide as a result of bullying, are all horrifying. I want to promote awareness regarding these issues by focusing on the universal human aspects. I've considered making a film centered on these themes for years, but I didn't want to tell a story that preaches. It's important that people of all types can identify with my character and realize the consequences of our behavior as a society. At the core, this film is about hate. What happens to youth when they're pushed into dealing with these issues?

2.  Coming of age films are EVERYWHERE. What's makes this different?
On the surface, one might call Broken Cycle a coming of age story, however, it explores much more than the idea of growing up. The film focuses on the results of a kid facing the issues I mentioned before, but does so with objectivity. It often asks questions but does not always provide the answers. I want the viewer to be forced to think about our film and engage in a personal dialogue with its subject matter. Also, there is nothing gratuitous about the story. That detail immediately separates it from the bulk of American films. Our use of documentary style camerawork allows the characters tell the story without trying to fabricate too much drama.

3. What's next?
I am currently working on a feature script about a young boy who is separated from his family across a border and must figure out how to get home on his own. It deals with several similar themes as Broken Cycle. I hope to use the current project to explore many of the ideas I have about this feature. I also plan to push Broken Cycle into the festival circuit. My latest film, Breakaway, has currently screened at over ten international film festivals, so I'm excited to see how Broken Cycle is received.

Good job, Cliff, and good luck. 


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