Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leading Republicans Meet With, Declare Support For Undeniably Terrorist Hate Group

Haven't we toppled enough governments lately?

 Tom Ridge:  Thirsty for Iranian oil.

Last month leading conservatives Rudy Giuliani, Tom Ridge and Fran Townsend met in Paris with leaders of the group Mujaheddin-e Khalk (MEK) and lambasted the current administration for continuing to classify them as terrorists.

Of course, they were labeled as such by the previous administration, of which both Ridge and Townsend were members.

"Using common definitions, there is good reason for the MEK to be deemed by the U.S. Government to be a Terrorist group. In 2007, the Bush administration declared that 'MEK leadership and members across the world maintain the capacity and will to commit terrorist acts in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and beyond,' and added that the group exhibits 'cult-like characteristics.' The Council on Foreign Relations has detailed that the MEK has been involved in numerous violent actions over the years, including many directed at Americans, such as 'the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran by Iranian revolutionaries' and 'the killings of U.S.military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran in the 1970s.' This is whom Guiliani, Ridge, Townsend and other conservatives are cheering."

I mean, seriously guys.  The word "mujahadeen" even means "jihadist."  Anti-terrorist efforts are the hallmark of the conservative movement and perhaps its most worthy selling point.  The reason they have suddenly decided to back these killers?

To overthrow the government in Tehran. 

Dumb.  You guys are just SO STUPID.  Not only do you want the US to sponsor another war, but you're backing terrorists to do it?  Where is the benefit in that?  Are we SO hungry for oil that we will go to such lengths? 

I'm not.  Neither is most of America.  So I'm assuming that these guys are joking!  That must be it! 

Of course, I trust Giuliani's political acumen as much as I trust his dress sense (yes.  This is actually him). 

Giuliani, Ridge and Townsend, rejoice!  You are OneAngryQueer's "Comedians of the Week!"

Cuz they have to be joking... right?


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