Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Right, Men, Slather Yourselves!

My fave fast food Taco Bell has recently been the target of a lawsuit alleging that their beef is not really what you would call "beef."  "Of course not," I said, "mere beef couldn't be this delicious!"

Far from the tactic most of us expected them to take (settling out of court, hiding their ingredient list), Taco Bell instead has created a whole new ad campaign based on the lawsuit.

They released an ad that thanks the plaintiffs for suing them, and then lists the ingredients found in the beef (which, btw, could be found on Taco Bell's website even prior to the lawsuit).

"We start with USDA-inspected quality beef (88%).  Then add water to keep it juicy and moist (3%). Mix in Mexican spices and flavors including salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, sugar, garlic powder and cocoa powder (4%). Combine a little oats, caramelized sugar, yeast, citric acid and other ingredients that contribute to the flavor, moisture, consistency and quality of our seasoned beef."

Perhaps even better, they then released a series of Hanna-Barbera style superhero cartoons starring the "Super Delicious Ingredient Force."  I have to say, this shit is GAY.  Watch it.  Not only do they spooge hot sauce all over, but Rice Boy (or whatever the hell the dude with the R on his shirt is supposed to be) has perhaps the gayest lines in the whole goddamn thing.  Watch.

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  1. Plus at the end, the guy on the segway scooter TOTALLY looks like a penis.