Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Florida Governor is 100 Percent Punk

This guy!

"Omg!  I see gay people having the same protections as everyone else!  That gives me gas!"

Not only is kinda mangy lookin', he decided to celebrate his first day in office by kickin' the gays.  He issued an executive order outlining his state's non-discrimination policy-- and left out protections for gay and transgendered employees.

I mean, that isn't terribly surprising.  However, what's REALLY shocking is he REMOVED protections based on "handicap" and "marital status."  SRSLY?!

"By ignoring the categories of 'handicap' or 'marital status' in his new non-discrimination policy, Scott has actually managed to add discrimination to the Florida Government policies which was not previously there. Those two categories are protected by Florida Law under our Civil Rights Act and many advocacy groups have been working tirelessly to add 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' to the language as well."

Heaven help you if you're an unmarried gayboy FTM missing a limb.  It might just be time to move. 

*please note, Rick Scott is the possible perpetrator of one of the largest Medicare frauds in American history.  A medical group he founded pleaded guilty and ended up paying a massive $2 billion in fees.  He escaped any charges.  This guy! 

[South Florida Gay News]

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