Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Odds Are Likely John Travolta is Gonna Come Out This Year

Or at least, that's what the bookies say.

For years the rumor mill has been churning away, with fans and friends of Travolta alike saying the Grease star is not as straight as he appears (I always thought he was a little nellie appearing, but hey, I think everyone is gay). 

 I agreed that he was queer til I saw this-- I only nosh on eclairs and use champagne flutes while snacking and swimming.

The evidence?  Well, there really isn't any-- aside from persistent tales that Ms. Jane Travolta just LOVES to visit gay sex clubs-- but some sources say his beard, Kelly Preston, has put pressure on him to come out publicly about his pole smokin' ways.

I don't know.  I'm less excited about this than I should be.  Maybe if Gyllenhaal or Franco were coming out.  Of course, then I would probably get arrested for stalking, so perhaps it's better that it's Travolta.

Click below to get the whole story and the odds.


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