Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Belated SOTU Post

 Barry O is totes going to kick Bachmann's ass after class.

Here's the deal:  I took the day off yesterday to hang with a friend and didn't post about the State of the Union Address.  Sue me!  To be honest, I watch it every year and it always seems about as useful as sticking a salami in your ear.  He talks about issues we already knew and outlines plans that were already in place-- anyway, he talked a bunch yesterday about jobs and that the Army is now 100% gay, forever, TEH END.

The REAL gem, however, was the Tea Party response as given by Michele Bachmann:

HAHAHAHA!  She never looks at the camera!  Whodatbitchlookinat?!

Also:  NPR's SOTU word cloud, generated by Facebook users who described the speech with three words.  The most common word?  Salmon.


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