Tuesday, January 4, 2011

15-year Old AZ Activist Warns School Officials That Inaction Will Have Consequences

Caleb Laieski is a superhero after my own heart.

This kid has bigger balls then many "activists" we see in America today.

Having left high school in order to rid his life of the bullying he was exposed to, this kid wrote a letter to about 5,000 public school officials warning them that if steps weren't taken to protect schoolchildren, well, HE would take them:

"The letters, sent to school and government officials in early December, state that gay and lesbian youths face more bullying than their heterosexual peers and offer to refer officials to organizations and experts.

"The letters warn school officials that they must institute policies specifically prohibiting gay harassment by students, teachers and administrators. Schools that fail to stop bullying will encounter 'legal ramifications.'

"'This is more not to threaten a lawsuit but to put resources out there,' said Laieski, founder of Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination. 'But if they don't want to cooperate, there's going to be consequences.'"

That's right, Caleb!  Take no prisoners!  He realizes what many school officials don't:  Bullying is killing our children.  We can't just turn the other way, especially if it's your job to teach our children.  If you try to ignore it, well, he'll bring it to your attention in a way you can't ignore.

I invite Caleb to refer to himself as "Caleb Awesome."  He certainly deserves the moniker.  ;)


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