Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is Why OAQ Always Called in Sick So Often

Evidently, some men are actually allergic to their own semen.

Wait!  Don't use that, I used it to...

"The condition, known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome or POIS, has been documented since 2002. Symptoms include feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes, which can last for up to a week. Some physicians had suggested that the disorder was psychosomatic, but Marcel Waldinger, a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and his colleagues demonstrated in two papers in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that the syndrome was allergic in nature and that it might be possible to desensitize men to the problem."

I would just murder myself.  Luckily, I am not allergic to my own semen.  Or anyone else's.  Just puttin' it out there.  


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