Sunday, January 23, 2011

Americans Once Again Prove Themselves to be Bigots

Okay, let's play "Let's Pretend."  Imagine your state's governor.  Now imagine that there is a vacant seat in your state's Supreme Court.  Now imagine he appointed a Jewish lawyer as a judge in that seat.  Wouldn't it be insane if half the state started criticizing him for appointing that lawyer just because he's Jewish?  Of course, you say.  That is straight up bigotry.

Now imagine that it's a Muslim that he appointed-- because that's just what happened in New Jersey, and guess what?  The right wing went nuts.

This guy CLEARLY hates America and wants us all to surrender to the terrorists.

"Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) announced seven judgeship appointments to the New Jersey Superior Court, including the appointment of Sohail Mohammed to serve on the court in Passaic County. Mohammed is an immigration lawyer in Clifton, NJ who notably defended many Muslims caught up in post-Sept. 11 dragnets, in which the Department of Justice quickly and secretly arrested hundreds of Muslims in the wake of the attacks. Often, the false pretense of an immigration violation was used to hold these men for many months, even though a vast majority of them had no connection to terrorism whatsoever.

"Several prominent anti-Muslim voices on the right have reacted with characteristic vitriol to the elevation of a Muslim in the U.S. justice system, calling Mohammed 'the enemy' and accusing Christie of turning New Jersey into a 'Sharia State.'"

These dumbasses should just paint signs on their foreheads that say "I am a bigot" and get it over with.  I can't help but wish these guys weren't Americans-- it's their bigotry that gives us a bad name abroad.


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