Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me

I passed the one-year-mark of me spouting my bullshit to you guys on this blog five days ago without even noticing.  My first post of substance?  A rant about how Bono can't save Spider-Man The Musical.  Oh, look how the times have changed.

Since then I've passed many milestones, both personal and professional.  I admitted to my readers (and friends, which really just means all my readers at the time were friends) that I was a crystal meth addict.  I traveled to DC in order to take part in history and handcuff myself to the fence of the White House in protest of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  I traveled to and attended Netroots Nation, where I learned that the blogging community is a tight-knit (if somewhat dysfunctional) family of misfits and, I must say, insanely intelligent people.

I laid bare my search for my missing friend Adam.  I found him.  Now I get to marry him.  Isn't love grand?

I've bared my soul and my curmudgeonly hatred of idiot politicians to you guys, and it's been a hell of a year.  

I can only hope for as exciting a year going forward, if hopefully one unmarred by personal tragedy.  I'm planning some great things, both in work and life, and can't wait to reveal them to you.  

I feel very blessed to have this outlet for my views and my thoughts, and even more blessed that so many of you read my read it.  Not only have I passed one year of blogging, but yesterday, my last post of the day was the 1,000th entry on this crazy train, and the fact that you guys have read 1,000 pieces of my schlock is touching and gratifying.  

Of course, not all of it is mine.  I have some great people who have guest posted on my site, and I thank them as well.  Your next pieces are due by Friday, or you're all fired.  

Just kidding.  Mostly.

So thank you, friends.  Even if I don't know you, you are all in my heart.  Whether you're a closeted bisexual gal just looking for a connection to the LGBT community or the asshole that made me do it, thank you.  All of you.  You are my extended but oh-so-dear to me family.

And keep reading.  It should be an exciting year.