Tuesday, August 9, 2011

German Cardinal Doesn't Hate The Gays, Hopes For Change

There is a ton of radical invective against LGBTs in mainstream Catholic clergy, with the bishopric making firm statements against gay marriage and similar gay-related struggles, such as Nicholas Dimarzio of Brooklyn's refusal to extend services to pro-marriage equality legislators.  However, last May a survey indicated that the majority of Catholic Americans now support equal rights for gays, and it appears the Church leadership may be paying attention to this and other signs of the times.

In July, a service was held in the Boston archdiocese to minister non-judgmentally to LGBT parishioners, and one German Cardinal is taking a step further in softening the Vatican's approach to gay Catholics.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, while far from giving his whole support to the gay community, had this to say:

"All who want to participate, open up to the Gospel and join the community of the Church, are welcome. I cannot bless a gay relationship, but I can pray for people who request it. It would be a big step if each were integrated, but this has not yet been achieved everywhere."

Is this statement a sign of the political times among Marx's flock?  Queerty notes that his statement comes while a push in Germany is underway to upgrade LGBT "registered partnerships" to full marriage equality. I hope that more Catholic leadership pays attention to current social and political climes and softens its stance against LGBTs.  

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