Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Kennewick, WA Candidate Wants To Shoot Immigrants At The Border

It's rare that you'll find a political candidate willing to proclaim straight-up murder as part of his platform, but one man running for city council in Kennewick, WA is advocating shooting undocumented immigrants at the border in order to solve the so-called "illegal immigration" problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, Loren Nichols!
If they value their lives, they would leave… 
I’m a hawk on this, but that’s how much I value America. I know that is a very drastic stand, but let me put it this way: I expect illegal invasion of our country by foreign entities to be met with deadly force. That’s how I expect to see my country protected.
He continues, courtesy of immigration reform website America's Voice:
Nichols says “This is an issue that doesn’t deal with race so I hope it’s not interpreted that way. It has to do with violation of our country.” He has also claimed to “not promoting killing anyone,” yet when a reporter from the local CBS affiliate asked him if he was in favor of immigrants receiving the death penalty simply for being discovered as undocumented, Nichols replied, “Correct.”
Far from retracting these comments, he has instead reiterated this "kill the illegals" position time and time again.  However, when asked about how to implement his plan?  "I hadn’t really thought about it yet."

Kennewick is a smallish town in rural Washington, factors that normally add up to conservative politics reigning supreme.  However, I hope these Washingtonians reject his racist invective.  Immigrants are people, yet are treated too often treated like dogs.  Can we please not shoot them like dogs?

Thanks to reader Tom T. for the tip.

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