Monday, August 8, 2011

Library Strikes Blow Against Censorshit, Donates Banned Book To Students

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, thanks to a donation from an anonymous donor, is sending 150 copies of a book recently banned in the Republic, MO School District to students in that district in a clear statement on this recent case of blatant censorship.

"Julia Whitehead, the Executive Director of the Vonnegut Library, told HuffPost that the gift was part of an effort to raise public awareness of the school board's decision, and that she hoped parents in the school district might get involved.

"'All of these students will be eligible to vote, and some may be protecting our country through military service in the next year or two,' Whitehead said in a statement. 'It is shocking and unfortunate that those young adults and citizens would not be considered mature enough to handle the important topics raised by Kurt Vonnegut, a decorated war veteran. Everyone can learn something from his book.'"

Of course, if they'd sent ME this book during high school, I probably would have been like, "WTF!  More summer reading?  FML."  But whatevs, it was a nice gesture.

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