Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is Why I Blog

So a quick break from news stuff.

Since Adam has gotten out of the hospital, he has been a nonstop crazytrain, making up for the time he spent asleep by taking me to the movies, looking for a place to live in Seattle, searching for work, and catching up with friends that have been worried about him.

Frankly?  I'm fucking exhausted.

This morning I got up early, put some posts up, and then tried to take a nap.  The energetic little bastard busted into the bedroom at least twice in order to wake me up and tell me something he was excited about, and finally I dragged myself out of bed.

He was outside on the phone, and passed it to me, saying that his friend Jenny had an important story to tell me.

When the whole ordeal was going on, Jenny was getting her news from OAQ, and when we all thought Adam was going to die, she called her friend Desiree in order to cry on a sympathetic shoulder.  Desiree lives in Jenny's small town in Morris, Kansas.  Also, Desiree is bisexual, and living in a small town, her only link to the LGBT community is online.

So imagine Jenny's surprise (and my delight) when Desiree told her that even before Adam's ordeal, she read OAQ, which was one of her news sources.  Jenny, in giving us her congratulations on Adam's recovery and our subsequent engagement, gushed to me on the phone how New Media has helped impact Desiree's life positively and I have been able to contribute to making one bi girl's experience just a little bit less lonely.

So thank you, Desiree, for reading.  Thank you for getting connected.  The only way to enact change for our troubled times is by making coalitions and getting people involved, and congratulations on being a member of a large, diverse, and far-flung (yet very close) community.  Hats off to you!

Also: big news for our wedding.  While it's many months away (and many of our mutual friends are rolling their eyes and doubting the whole thing is going to happen), I've already got half of it planned.  I'm kind of a bridezilla.

One of the important factors was deciding who would perform the wedding.  It only took a moment for us to decide, and this week I asked Dan Choi if he would marry me to Adam.  He graciously agreed, so one of my favorite people, best friends, and my most excellent colleague is going to be the one to get me hitched.  Thank you, Dan.

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