Friday, August 12, 2011

Newest Defense In Anti-Gay Harassment Suit: "She's Too Ugly."

Holy cow.

A Brooklyn real estate agent is suing the office where she previously worked insisting that it's basically a wretched hive of scum and villainy, where "raunchy sexcapades" and anti-gay harassment is the norm.  At People's Choice Realty, Priscilla Agosto alleges she was exposed over 14 months to verbal and physical assaults at the hands of her coworkers.  Even after she complained to her bosses, up to seven male coworkers made sexual advances, with employees offering her $500 to watch her have sex with her girlfriend.

In response to the suit, her former employers took an unfortunate and idiotic approach to defending themselves from her allegations:
"Who would touch her? She's an ugly girl anyway," she said of the former secretary. "She made up a story because she didn't want to work." 
Agosto's lawyer Brendan Chao said another former employee corroborated much of his client's account. 
He only brought the suit recently, he added, because a complaint had to be first filed with the city's Commission of Human Rights
Agosto worked in real estate office from January 2008 until March 2009. 
The discrimination suit seeks unspecified back pay and benefits. 
"People attacked her ethnicity, her gender, her sexual orientation," said Chao.

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