Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catholic Priest: Homosexuals Are Putrid And Depraved

The El Paso Times features this paid advertisement from local priest Fr. Michael Rodriguez.  I would otherwise ignore this, but Joe Jervis from Joe My God found his contact info.  Feel free to give Rodriguez a piece of your mind. I especially urge my Christian readers to give him a reality check.

"Engaging in depraved and unnatural sexual acts will lead directly to the ruin of both the homosexual's body and soul," [Father Michael] Rodriguez writes. "Our very anatomy cries out against the lie that homosexual acts are 'ok.'" Rodriguez closes his screed by saying we live in a "godless society" that condones homosexuality. "Reflect, first there are (a) individuals committing mortal sins of a homosexual nature; next, evil extends its tentacles to (b) society as a whole accepting homosexual and homosexual activity as 'normal"; and finally, iniquity's victory is all but sealed when (c) laws are enacted which impose the putrid homosexual ideology on everyone, while those who, rightfully resist it, are ridiculed, attacked, and persecuted," Rodriguez writes.

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