Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Civil Union Legislation Proposed By Chilean President

Just because ERRBODY has to be better than the US on LGBT rights, Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera, is now attempting to push through legislation granting civil unions to gay Chileans, giving them rights of inheritance and other legal advantages normally solely accredited to heterosexual marriage.

FAB sash, Sebastian.  

From the AP:

"Chile's conservative president proposed legislation Tuesday to recognize gay civil unions, granting them some of the same rights as married couples in the ultra-Catholic country.

"'All forms of marriage deserve respect, dignity and the support of the state,' said President Sebastian Pinera, who signed the proposal and sent it to Congress.

"'This puts opposite-sex and same-sex couples on the same footing, because in both cases it is possible to develop love, affection and respect.'"

However, he is quick to echo a very familiar line by reiterating the full marriage equality isn't something he has "evolved" enough to grant gay Chileans:

"I deeply believe that marriage is by nature between a man and a woman, but that conviction does not prevent me from recognizing that other forms of affective relationships exist."

While I find THAT particular line rather tiring, it's nice to see a step in the right direction, especially in such a heavily religious country.  It's important for social conservatives to realize that many gay people don't give two shits about co-opting their religious idea of marriage, instead wanting a social contract which includes the legal rights and responsibilities inherent in civil marriage.  

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