Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update: Basic Rights Oregon Hasn't Really Made Up Their Mind

Queerty did some fact-checking and it turns out Basic Rights Oregon has not committed to beginning the process of collecting signatures to legalize same-sex marriage in the Beaver State.  Their Executive Director, Jeana Frazzini, explained what The Statesman Journal got wrong :
“We are still engaged in an education campaign, and will make a decision in October as to whether to forward with signature gathering. We’ve been working to engage Oregonians in conversations about marriage for over a year – through TV ads, social media, field work and encouraging one-on-one conversations across the state. While support for marriage equality is increasing, we do not want to go to the ballot unless we are confident that we can win.”

Frazzini added, “Once we enter a heated political campaign, it will be impossible for our message of love, commitment and fairness to be heard over the din of the opposition’s negative advertising.”
I find this rather disappointing.  Not just the glitch in journalistic accuracy, but I would hope that Basic Rights Oregon would, um, have bigger balls on the issue?  Frazzini's stance appears to boil down to "the opposition is loud and mean and we would rather not lose."  I've sent an e-mail to BRO asking if this is indeed the case and will update you as I get more information.

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