Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spider-Man the Musical-- Worst. Project. Ever.

If you care about superheroes (like I do) or musicals (like I don't) then you will have heard about the upcoming Broadway musical riding on the coattails of the insanely popular Spider-Man movie franchise starring Toby Maguire. 

Here's their crap website:

I was a bit excited-- I mean, Alan Cummings was going to play the Green Goblin, what's not to like?  Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane?  That bitch is pretty sweet. 

Well, those dudes have dropped out and now some other jabronis are in it.  The original release date in February was pushed to November, and now to December-- AFTER being rescued from the rubbish heap by his Royal Rockness himself, the incomparable (no, I don't mean any of these nice things I'm saying) sunglassed-one... Bono. 

After all this, we now hear it's going to be the most expensive musical in the history of Broadway.  So it better be awesome, right?

Well, click on the link below and you will see a rendering of one of the sets:

Uh.  I now see why Alan C. left.  Is it just me or is that a chicken wire beaker?

Bono:  if you want to toss some money about, just hire me!  I know ALL about building shit outta chicken wire.  Clearly it's your fave!  I can make anything!  Want a car?  Rocket ship?  Insanely expensive Broadway musical that no-one wants to touch but you?  I'm your man!

I have a headache.

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