Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Cute Birds Illustrate Reproduction Isn't Necessary To Mating

One of the biggest arguments anti-gay organizations and politicians make when trying to whip up some haterade on LGBTs is that BUTTSECKS DOESN'T MAKE CHIRREN!  Which, of course, is clear evidence that gays are unnatural, evil, etc.

Yet another scientific study, however, has illustrated that nature doesn't necessarily mate for reproduction, with uber cute zebra finches showing that same-sex pairings are still desirable, even when opposite-sex pairings are available.
First, she and her colleagues, Clementine Vignal and Nicolas Mathevon from the University of Saint-Etienne, raised young finches in same-sex groups. More than half of the birds paired up with another bird of the same sex. 
The team then closely monitored the birds for signs that they had bonded fully.
Bonded birds, Dr Elie explained, perch side by side, nestled together. They also greet each other by "nuzzling" beaks. 
In the next stage of their study, the scientists brought novel females to a group of bonded male-male pairs. Out of eight males that were engaged in same-sex pair-bonds, five ignored the females completely and continued to interact with their male partner. 
The findings indicate that, even in birds, the drive to find a mate is far more complicated than simply the need to reproduce.
So there.  Also, aren't Zebra Finches cuddling adorable?!

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