Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Lady Was Told She Was An Abomination And Got A Lot Of Money For It

Meet Amber Yust.  This young trans woman, far from making history, was following the legal, routine procedure to change her driver's license to reflect her true gender when she received a disturbing letter from the employee processing her request.

Thomas Demartini, instead of doing his job and filing her paperwork, instead failed to perform his duties by taking her application, noting her address, and sending her a personal letter filled with warnings that she was an abomination and that she would burn in hell for her perversion:
Yust, a 23-year-old software engineer, went to the DMV's Fell Street office in October to record her new name and gender on her driver's license. She said Demartini expressed no objection while processing her application. 
But four days later, she said, she got a letter from Demartini that warned her of eternal damnation and referred her to the website of a fundamentalist church, the Most Holy Family Monastery. Yust said she received a DVD from the church the same day, predicting hellfire for anyone "possessed by demons" of homosexuality. 
Her lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, accused the DMV of violating her privacy and civil rights by disclosing personal information.
So not only did he fail to do his job, he attacked her personally, then released her personal information to a church in order to send her their schlock.

The story has a "happy" ending, as she sued Demartini and the DMV and won $55,000 from both of them.  Unfortunately, the majority of the settlement appears to be on the shoulders of the State of California, with only $15,000 of that coming from Demartino.

This should be a word of warning to certain clerks who are refusing to do their job due to their religious beliefs.  If you feel you can't do a job, you shouldn't be in that job.  It's not your place, when you work for the government, to refuse to perform the basic operations of that government.  Really?  You're not a hero for your religion.  You're just guilty of dereliction of duty.  

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