Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And They Accuse US Of Indoctrination

Whatever.  If the 4 year old wants to preach, he wants to preach.  However, next time someone tells me it's unnatural for a child to learn that their teacher, family friend, or relative is gay, then I'm going to point right at this video.

In the spirit of sensitivity to others' faiths, I'll say that it is okay to teach your child your religion.  However, unless his parents have broken from the commonalities of Southern Pentecostal churches, it is sad that he has a long road ahead of him battling the misogyny, homophobia, and uneducated brainwashing so rife within those communities. 

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  1. Yeah, that video creeped me the hell out. I had to turn it off. I still question where they show the video where he can't speak, but I think the Pentecostal church believes in glossolalia.