Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Messed Up

One of my big stories from yesterday that outraged my readers was the unfortunate story of Christina Santiago, an lesbian advocate that died in the tragic collapse of a concert stage at the Indiana State Fair.  I initially didn't report on it, as I don't particularly care to politicize tragedy.

However, Bil Browning broke a story claiming that Christina's partner, Alisha Brannon, was being snubbed by the state and that she would not be able to receive her remains due to DOMA.  One of the other publications I write for, Queerty, picked it up as well, so I did.  After all, when Bil Browning and Daniel Villarreal say it's true, it must be, right?

Happily, no.  The state of Indiana isn't refusing to release Christina's remains to her partner, as it turns out.  Several of us were guilty of not fact-checking, and we ran a story that got a lot of people pissed off without any basis in fact whatsoever.  I'm sincerely sorry for the mistake.

The blogosphere can be viewed in two ways that basically equal the same thing: a cooperative group of citizen journalists who promote each other's stories or an incestuous group of sensationalists that will pick up big stories from another.  Either way, we flubbed on that one.  Bil has apologized and I find I must do so myself.  I pride myself on bringing you guys the news, and I'm heartbroken that I ran something that just wasn't true.

That said, I'm happy that the story turned out to be incorrect.  At least in one case, tragedy is not compounded by injustice, and I extend my condolences to Brannon and wish her a full recovery, as she is still in critical condition from injuries from the tragic event.  So, dear readers, put away the anger for now and join me in praying for her swift recovery.

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