Monday, August 8, 2011

Yeah, America Is Still Effed Financially. Nice Try, Though, Ricky

Rick Perry's call to prayer, "The Response," drew about 30,000 fasting and praying Christians to the Reliant Stadium on Saturday, with protesters outside and plenty of crazy on the inside.

GetEQUAL was there to protest the event, which drew such nutjobs as Sam Brownback (who insists that Rainbow Flags are dangerous weapons) and John Hagee (who thinks Hurricane Katrina is the gays' fault).

Right Wing Watch compiled a video of the various whackjob speakers, half of whom were SPLC certified hate-group representatives:

Of course, the whole fasting thing didn't seem to work out well, with Perry himself having breakfast and dinner plans, while the concession stands at the stadium were busy:

"It was billed as a day of prayer and fasting to halt America’s national decline, and about 30,000 answered the call, flooding into Houston’s Reliant stadium for a seven-hour marathon which blended Christian revivalism with hard-headed electoral campaigning.

"There was plenty of prayer: some of the faithful stood with arms held high in supplication, others danced trancelike in the aisles and still more lay spreadeagled on the floor.

"The fasting was less conspicuous: long queues formed at Prince’s Hamburgers, Tejas Nachos, Five Star Dogs and other fast-food stands inside the cavernous arena.

"The rally on Saturday marked another step towards the launch of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, giving the governor of Texas a national platform for the first time, with 250 reporters and camera crews covering it."

Maybe that's why America wasn't miraculously saved from disaster!  Rick Perry ate too much and God is punishing us!  

I mean, it's just as plausible as God punishing America because I'm marrying a man, right?

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