Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dan Choi Trial Update

This fascinating tidbit has come out during FireDogLake's coverage of the Dan Choi protest trial:
There were several jaw-dropping moments from the Dan Choi trial today, but none more dramatic than the moment Lt. LaChance of the Park Police admitted he was advised by Solicitor Randolph Myers of the Department of Interior to press federal charges against the DADT protesters on November 15 — three hours before they began protesting.
How much clearer does it have to be that these are trumped up charges specifically targeting our group?  Since the beginning of the case, it was evident to us that the prosecution was exercising a grudge on behalf of the government against Dan Choi and company.  I was unable to attend my first court hearing due to a medical emergency, and the prosecutor immediately asked the judge to issue a warrant for my arrest.  He turned it down, of course.

But really, what is the government trying to prove in this case?  

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