Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Skyrim Wants You To Get Gay Married (If That's Your Thing), But Star Wars? Hates It!

Gaymers rejoice!  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is continuing Bethesda Softworks' support of homolove by allowing players, in game, to have a gay wedding.

The Sims, Fable, and numerous other games already allow same-sex lovin', to include Bethesda Softworks' previous Fallout installments.  I know that this particular gayming geek is more likely to purchase a game that lets me get it on with a hot elvish sorcerer, so smart marketing on their part.

oooooooooooh yeah.

Not every geek franchise has learned the lesson on same-sex relationships, however, as the upcoming Lucas Arts game Star Wars:  The Old Republic is totally banning gay nuptials, while opposite-sex relationships are available to players.  They have promised explanations, but thus far have released nothing.
In a video interview posted on YouTube by KAEmpire, Star Wars: The Old Republic developer Corey Butler says (at ~2.30 into the video) that the game will not feature same sex relationships. The Bioware forums are afire with a fifty-one page discussion of the issue and a community poll.
That forum actually became closed due to the outrage from prospective buyers of the game.

Come on!  I know Senator Amidala would TOTALLY have refused to defend DOMA!  This is clearly a confusion tactic on the part of Chancellor Palpatine in an effort to smokescreen his true agenda.  I call for a vote of no-confidence.


  1. I just read about this, and was juuust about to do a post on it myself. Way to save me the trouble :)

  2. You're always welcome to do a post about it and link me as a source. :)

  3. If they're allowing my death kitty (Khaijit Warrior Mage) to marry a Nord, they'd BETTER allow gay marriage!