Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missing Person In Joplin, MO

I try and keep personal shit off my blog but this I can't go without mentioning.

A dear friend and former lover of mine, Adam Neil Wagner, left me and a bunch of other people a suicidal voicemail today and is now missing.

Adam and I first met when I was newly poz. He was one of the first people that made me feel that it was okay to have HIV, and is one of the many loving people that have ensured that I am alive today through my various tribulations, to include my trials with crystal meth. I owe Adam a great debt.

After the tornadoes struck in Joplin, Missouri, Adam immediately leaped into action and took a plane there in order to rebuild. He is from Missouri, and loved his home state enough that he abandoned his life in Seattle in order to help people less fortunate than himself.

Please. If you know anyone in the Joplin area, forward this post or just his picture to them. The police are looking for him, as are his family. There are many people that love him, and we need to know where he is. So if you see him, or know someone who might have seen him, please, contact the authorities first and then myself. The number for the Joplin Police Department is: (417) 623-3131. He may be drugged or disoriented, and might need medical attention. If you find him and this is the case, call 911 immediately.

My email is You can also reach my via my Google voice account at 216.236.4680. Please. Contact me. We need to know what's happened.

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  1. Prayers for your friend. I hope he's ok and just out of communication helping people.