Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm just a real pissed off guy.

So I used to have this blog thingie on myspace, and it was lots of fun-- who didn't think myspace was fun back in the day?  I wrote about the news, my friends read it, we all had a laugh.

Of course, then I grew up.  I realized that myspace sucks, and the news is shite, and there's really not that much to laugh about.  Really, I just got older, and crankier, and I decided watching the Mighty Boosh was more important than educating my ignorant-ass friends about politics.  So I stopped writing.

However, my friend Chuck has decided that I need to do something productive with my free time, so I'm going to just really tell you about the stuff I get pissed about.  Maybe the news, maybe my life, mostly Seattle public art (cuz that stuff is really crap for sure). 

And maybe sometimes friends that make me do productive shit instead of drinking PBR and watching nonsense BBC shows. 

Thanks, Chuck.  Thanks a lot. 

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