Friday, April 1, 2011

Chris Barron, At It Again

This guy seems to be determined to make gay Republicans look as whackjob crazy as possible.

His favorite for president-- Donald Trump-- has gone off the deep end and decided the best way to win the presidency is by allying himself with the birther movement.  He literally won't shut up about it.  Every time you look at Ol' Bad Hair Day he starts shrieking "He's a Kenyan witch-doctor!"

So if YOU were leading a new political group that NOBODY LIKES would you urge moderate and considerate thinking, or would you amp up the crazy?

Well, we know what Chris would do.  Politico's Ben Smith says:

"'Organizationally it's not a GOProud issue. Not related to any of the organization's legislative priorities,' he said, and added when I pressed him on his view, said that it 'is that it's not an issue that particularly resonates with me, but it clearly resonates with a large segment of the Republican primary. I think Mr. Trump's position on this has been a pretty common-sense one, and honestly, I can't understand why President Obama wouldn't have released his birth certificate before now to put an end to this once and for all.'

"Obama has, as has been reported for years, released the document. Hawaii officials have verified it. The conspiracy theory is crazy. And, having been held at bay by the Republican Establishment for three years, it's now bleeding in."

Cut the crap, Chris.


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