Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NOM Would Like to Look as Stupid as Possible This Year, Thanks.

Remember that stupid cow Carrie Prejean who was Ms. California USA and came out as an anti-gay bigot during the pageant?  Remember how she became best friends with National Organization for Marriage?

Then remember how she had her crown taken from her in disgrace when her masturbation porno tape surfaced?  And remember how NOM fled in terror from the whole debacle?

An interesting twist just surfaced in the whole thing.  From the Village Voice:

"Well, outside Sister Act last night, a guy aproached me and said,

"'Hi, Michael, I'm Keith Lewis from the Miss California USA pageant.'

"'Oh, you're the one who ripped the crown off Carrie,' I noted, grinning. 'Congrats!'

"'Well, now we're being sued by NOM,' he informed me, meaning the National Organization for Marriage group that Carrie had been a spokesperson for.

"The suit has something to do with NOM accusing the pageant of releasing damaging (i.e. true) info about Carrie, as opposed to the press having dug it up by itself.

"'Huh?" I screeched. 'NOM is suing you? But NOM fired Carrie too!'

"'Well' said Lewis, 'nowadays people can do just about anything.'

NOM needs to get themselves better publicists, because they are getting really good at stepping in it lately.  I mean, first they send threatening emails to Louis Marinelli and now this?  When you distance yourself from an individual, you're not supposed to then remind everyone 18 months later that they were the face of your organization.



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