Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AOL Cans Freelancers, Switches To Newsroom Format For Writers

It seems like the AOL purchase of the Huffington Post isn't just making Arianna a quick buck but also screwing over freelance writers who work for AOL.

A few weeks ago the freelancers who supplied AOL with much of their business and finance materials were placed in limbo as the managerial team decided what to do with them after the formation of the Huffington Post Media Group. Most of them assumed this meant they were getting the axe. They were, of course, correct.

"Well, it's official: The Huffington Post Transition team has just eliminated all AOL freelancers and contractors (at least those in business and finance--everything under Peter Goodman). But we have been invited to continue contributing for free. We will be replaced either by a handful of people Goodman has in mind, or with young, new (read cheap) writers who have yet to be hired.

"We've been told that all these new, full-time employees will be expected to report to the office every day for a 40-hour work week. For some reason, it's very important to Arianna [Huffington] to have writers physically working in a newsroom in either LA, New York or Washington, DC, thus going back to an archaic newsroom model that went out with the invention of the telephone, and needlessly eliminating any talented writers in other parts of the country. So much for a global, cutting edge news team."

How the hell do you go from being the forefront of liberal blogging to becoming... CNN?!  Arianna:  You are officially the worst businessperson ever.  

[Business Insider]

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