Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donnie T Wants to Commit War Crimes

Donald Trump recently stated that the US should forcibly reimburse itself with Iraqi oil in payment for its liberation of that country from dictator Saddam Hussein.  I really don't have to say more about how that would be a disaster, right?

Can we talk about the OTHER war crime in the room?  Like what kind of cruel and unusual punishment Donnie is performing on his poor scalp?

Well, just to be sure you know, this plan to save our economy is a little thing the 1907 Hague Convention calls "pillaging," which is a war crime.  Just FYI.

"The startling claim went without controversy until today, when Good Magazine pointed out that Trump's 'plan' to seize $1.5 trillion from Iraq's oil profits to 'reemburse ourselves' for the invasion and subsequent occupation would actually be an explicit violation of international law -- a violation considered to be a war crime.

"'According to the 1907 Hague Convention, "pillaging," the stealing of valuable goods from a locality, especially during combat, is a war crime, regardless of what you feel you deserve,' noted Cord Jefferson, Good's senior editor. 'In the Hague's exact words: "The pillage of a town or place, even when taken by assault, is prohibited."'"

In other news, in a February poll hypothesizing a Presidential grudge match between Barry O. and Donnie T., Trump came in second only by a hair. 


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