Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barry O. Hints at Future Push for Marriage Equality

The President has gotten flack in recent months for his "evolving" stance on gay marriage, with lefty advocates practically shrieking "evolve already!"

At a fundraiser last night (for his campaign) the President was giving a speech about future work needing to be accomplished.  An audience member interrupted, shouting "gay marriage!"  The President then said "our work is not finished."  The audience, of course, took this to mean... what?  That he is planning on "evolving" further?  How does one do that?  "I'm planning on changing my mind next week."

Anyway, they burst into cheers and everyone was happy, the end.

Of course, I'm not altogether surprised that he is starting up his "fierce advocate" spiel again-- he is, after all, fundraising and building up another Presidential campaign.  It's really time for him to shit or get off the pot-- either come out for marriage equality or stop scrabbling for our vote.

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