Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Guy Is A Real Winner

President of the Southern Baptist Conventions "ethics commission" Richard Land: Who are you kidding?  Check this quote out:

"So a six-foot guy who shaves every day can come in wearing a dress, high heels, and earrings and tell his employer that he's really a woman and he wants to use the women's bathroom facilities, and there's nothing the employer can do to stop him if he wants to do business in Metro. Clearly the Metro Council members, a majority of them succumbed to the intense lobbying of a minority that wants special rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people."

What's he talking about?  Nashville's recent decision to ban employment discrimination.  Yeah.

Let's be honest, I like getting my jollies as much as the next man.  But does he seriously think that dudes are going to start dressing up in ladies' clothing and identifying as female just so they can watch their coworkers cop a squat?  Uh?  Most straight dudes I know are too lazy to put on pants to impress a chick, much less put on heels, a dress, a wig, and makeup.

Plus:  Transphobia is ugly and makes you ugly, Richie!


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