Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boehner Ignores What America Wants, Spends Your Money Defending Doma

This is exceptionally stupid, especially since now it seems every poll is indicating that Americans just want DOMA to die.

House Majority Speaker John Boehner has already tasked the DoJ with funding his personal crusade to discriminate against the gays-- after Barry O. issued the executive order stating that the administration would no longer defend the draconian law, Rep. Boehner leapt into action and said "Well, gol' durnit!  I will!"

Well, the good folks over at Think Progress have gotten a hold of the contract with the law firm retained for the case and they are charging taxpayers a whopping $520/hr to take the case.

"2. The General Counsel agrees to pay Contractor for all contractual services a sum not to exceed $500,000.00. … Furthermore, it is understood and agreed that should the $500,000 cap be reached before the Litigation is complete, and if the cap has not then been raised by written agreement…contractor shall not be obligated to continue providing legal services under this Agreement.

"3. The General Counsel agress to pay Contractor at a blended rate of $520.00 per hour for all reasonable attorney time expended in connection with the Litigation, and at 75 percent of the Contractor’s usual and customary rates for all reasonable non-attorney time…and to reimburse Contractor for all reasonable expenses incurred by the Contractor in connection with the Litigation[.]"

Your taxpayer dollars at work, guys!  Yet another misappropriation of government funds during the worst recession in decades. 

[Think Progress]

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