Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scott Walker Wants to be King of Wisconsin

Walker's descent into the insane has been stepped up a notch as he has introduced a plan that would grant him the power to essentially replace any financial manager he doesn't like in the State with someone he approves of. 

"The Walker legislation would empower the governor to insert a financial manager of his choosing into local government with the ability to cancel union contracts, push aside duly elected local government officials and school board members and take control of Wisconsin cities and towns whenever he sees fit to do so."

Is this guy serious?!  This can't pass.  This is ludicrous.  So, essentially, Walker is trying to turn into the dictator of a small, developing nation?  Is he trying to found the Republic of Wisconsistan? 

Cuz here's the thing:  This completely disregards the power of the people to choose their own government.  If he can just push aside any elected official in the state, the vote no longer means anything.  Next Walker move:  Secede from the Union and declare himself President-for-Life. 


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