Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disgusting Insinuations Made by Peter Spriggs

Ok.  I'll admit, Perez Hilton is by no means one of my favorite people-- his mean-spirited attacks on celebrities kinda make me gag.  Once someone compared my blog to his and I got CRAZY.  However, he certainly doesn't deserve THIS bullshit.

Peter Spriggs, the spokesperson for the Family Research Council, made a statement to the The Washington Times  (because, of course, Reverend Moon is a credible news source) about Perez's new children's book, "The Boy With The Pink Hair."  The book is meant to illustrate that we are all born different and shouldn't judge one another based on those differences... CLEARLY AN ATTEMPT TO INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDRENS!?!!!11!!

"'He does have a known interest in children,' says Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow for Family Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, 'having published a photo of teen star Miley Cyrus that could have been considered child pornography.'

"In June 2010, the blogger took to Twitter to disseminate a picture of pop star and teen actress Miley Cyrus getting out of a car, legs spread open, and crotch apparently visible for all to see."

Listen, just because he's a gay dumbass doesn't mean he's a heterosexual child molester.  What asshats.


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