Friday, April 29, 2011

Indiana House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Legislature of the great state of Indiana has voted to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding, with the bill doing so passing the House late Wednesday.  It is now awaiting the signature or veto of governor Mitch Daniels, a presidential contender who has called for a "truce" on social issues. 

"It's uncertain whether he will sign or veto, but if he does nothing it will come into law a week after hitting his desk. 

"The bill, which passed the Indiana State House late Wednesday afternoon, would bar the state from entering into contracts with abortion providers, making an exception for hospitals and ambulatory centers. Planned Parenthood of Indiana operates 28 clinics in Indiana, eight of which are Title X funded clinics. The group received about $3 million in federal funding last year. State officials have speculated that the bill, if passed, would lead to the state losing all $4 million in federal family planning dollars that it received last year.

"Groups on both sides of the issue tell POLITICO they expect Daniels to sign the bill, despite his reluctance to engage in social issues."

So essentially Indiana is shooting itself in the foot in order to prevent poor women from getting mammograms.  Good job, Indiana!  Aces!


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