Thursday, April 28, 2011

T-Punk Threatens to Take Coca-Cola On

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council issued some vague threats and ultimatums today.  Yaaaaaawn.

What's he in a snit about?  Law firm King and Spalding pulling out of the DOMA defense case at the behest of Coca-Cola.  My question is, what the hell does Tony fucking Perkins of the FRC think he's going to do against one of the largest multinationals in the world? 

"While this form of corporate terrorism may have paid off temporarily, even the press is chiding HRC for its own intolerance toward the legal process. But that doesn't faze homosexual activists. They were all too eager to take credit for their campaign of intimidation. 'We did all of this, and we're proud to have done it,' Sainz bragged. According to the email traffic, King & Spalding 'was starting to hear from companies that... they might have to rethink their relationship with [the firm].'

"Rumors are flying that one of those companies was Coca Cola. People closest to the story are suggesting that the soda king did most of the arm-twisting. 'Sources... confirm that one of King & Spalding's top clients, Coca Cola, also based in Atlanta, directly intervened to press the firm to extricate itself from the case.' A spokesman for the company refused to comment. But if the allegations are true, I guarantee that FRC won't hesitate to!"

Hmmm.  I'm thirsty for a Coke all of a sudden. 


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