Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ohio OKs Concealed Weapons in Bars, Restaurants, and Sporting Events

Coming to a drunken football fest near you: concealed firearms!

The Ohio Senate today passed a bill 25-7 that would allow concealed weapons in bars, restaurants, and outdoor sporting events.  However, it carried strict penalties for people who consume alcohol while carrying those weapons.

"'I agree that you shouldn't be mixing alcohol and guns,' said Sen. Tim Schaffer, a Lancaster Republican who sponsored the legislation. 'This bill doesn't allow concealed carry permit holders to consume alcohol. Period.'

"The National Rifle Association-backed bill was staunchly opposed by law enforcement groups such as the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio. It now moves to the Ohio House for consideration."

You're right-- cuz people who go to bars never EVER drink and drive, either. 

Why would people NEED guns in bars and restaurants?  Why would they need them at football stadiums?  Would it be to protect themselves from the federal government stealing their spaghetti bolognese?  Or perhaps in case they see a plump pheasant winging its way across the 50 yard line?

Have fun with this one, Ohio!


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