Friday, April 15, 2011

Clever Vote Switcheroo Highlights GOP Lunacy

Having a safety net in that the Senate would never approve a disastrous RSC budget, Democrats in the House today pulled a fast one on their Republican counterparts.

The RSC budget was one drawn up that was far more conservative than the one written as a compromise by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.  This insane plan included deep tax cuts for the wealthy and harsh entitlement rollbacks.  In essence, it would have pretty much wrecked our economy beyond recognition.  Naturally, the far-right GOP began casting "Yes" votes on it, so that they could show their corporate sponsors that they were obeying their will, knowing that moderate Repubs and Democrats would defeat it by voting "No."

Except that didn't happen.

In a carefully orchestrated maneuver, Democrats switched their votes from "No" to "Present."  Panic exploded in the House as the GOP realized they were on the verge of approving one of the most disastrous budget plans ever to hit the floor of the House of Representatives-- all thanks to the Republican party.  These people would have been lynched had the legislation actually passed.  

This clever ploy illustrates the sharp divides that plague the modern GOP and the inherent hypocrisy of their voting records-- these media hams simply don't believe the bullshit they're feeding us.

Watch their reactions as they realize they've been had (and don't worry, it didn't pass.  139-119):  


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