Monday, April 11, 2011

Ryan Sorba: Gay Doesn't Exist

Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California, is a hate-monger on the rise.  We first really heard about him when he made a stink over GOProud attending CPAC, and now he's insisting that gay identity doesn't really exist.

 Miss Thang doesn't like the words you're using.

He spoke at The Awakening conference at government-funded hate-school Liberty University, and evidently the term "gay" is a socio-political construct from the left designed to trick Americans that LGBTs are a-okay, and if you're a proper conservative, you should be using some alternatives.  From the American Independent

"Sorba proposed alternatives to the word 'gay,' which received approval by a unanimous show of hands by the 40-some audience members:
  • 'Same-sex attraction'
  • 'Same-sex intercourse'
  • 'Sodomy'
  • 'Unnatural vice'
Later in the discussion, it was suggested that gays should also be referred to as 'anti-Christian.'"

I can think of a few gay people I know that would definitely take offense at the last one.  Pull up your vomit-buckets and click on the video below to hear his take:

I like his assertion that somehow conservatives have "given" us this term.  Motherfucker, we took it.  Defining our own sexuality and the terms we use to share our experience with others is our right.

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