Monday, April 4, 2011

GOProud: "No-One Wants To Play With Us!!!!"

Evidently GOProud recently circulated an open letter denouncing "radical Islam" and implying that the assassination of Moammar Qaddafi would be appropriate.  Evidently major gay organizations turned down this golden chance to stand in solidarity with the gay community's crazy cousin and declined to sign the letter. 

Looking over it, I can see a few reasons why-- it calls for the forceful removal of Qaddafi, something that would undoubtedly be a costly venture, not to mention it involves sticking our nose in yet another conflict where that nose doesn't fucking belong.  It also seems to blame the ills of all gays across the globe on Islam, a tired criticism that smacks of racism.  More importantly, it was written by batshit crazy nutjobs who could probably tell me that the sky was blue and I would disagree with them on principle.

So of course, GOProud jumped to the only conclusion that a deluded conservative think tank can-- ONLY GOPROUD CARES ABOUT GAY RIGHTS!!!

"Today, GOProud, the only national group gay conservatives and their allies, released an open letter on action in Libya and on the need to stand up for the basic human rights of gay people across the globe. GOProud circulated the sign on letter to other national gay groups, and all declined to sign it. 'It is a sad for gay people across the globe when so many national gay groups would literally sacrifice their lives at the altar of political correctness,' said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director. 'It may be an inconvenient truth for the left, but it is still the truth – the spread of radical Islam, and the proliferation of brutal dictatorial regimes that support jihadist terrorism, represent the greatest threat to the safety of gay people worldwide.'"

Are you kidding me?

Ok, Jimmy.  Let me put aside my "political correctness."

You are a gross chump.  Your group has refused to back gay rights in our own backyard.  You have literally attempted to obstruct and erode the advance of civil rights for your own people so that you can maintain relevance within the conservative movement (and of course, to keep that donor money coming in) and you have the gall to say that GOProud is the only group that cares about gay rights? 

There are thousands of activists, writers, and advocates who beg to differ, windbag.  GOProud seems to be the only gay group that doesn't care about gay rights. 

And to be honest?  They probably just didn't sign your stupid letter because you wrote it.  You look and sound crazy.  It's one thing to publicly embarrass yourselves with the rabid bootlicking and sad self-hatred, but don't try to drag the rest of us down with you.

As an aside, isn't it funny that GOProud's denunciation of everyone else is their major story, as opposed to actually attempting to change the world for the better?  This is the kind of negativity and culture of entitlement (we all have to sign on to your crazy train????) that makes you so completely non-relevant.  That is what's sad. 


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