Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AOL and HuffPo: SUED

It was only a matter of time.

Unpaid contributor Jonathan Tasini is seeking class-action status in his suit filed on behalf of his fellow bloggers.  What's at stake?  The estimated $105 million worth of content earned by Arianna Huffington, the proceeds which, Tasini says, should now be given to those writers.

"'The Huffington Post is nothing without the bloggers who created the content,' said Jonathan Tasini, a one-time Huffington Post blogger who filed the lawsuit and is seeking class-action status on behalf of the bloggers.

"Part opinion, part news, the left-of-center website has to some extent relied on free contributions by celebrities, politicians and experts to drive its Internet traffic, turning it into a major online force since its start in 2005.

"A spokesman for the website said he had not reviewed the lawsuit, but called the allegations 'completely baseless.'"

Rock on.  Blogging is a sadly un-lucrative business.  Even Joe Jervis, author of the wildly popular blog Joe.My.God., works a day job to support himself.  For Arianna to make millions off this deal and not pass down some of the profit is a slap in the face to the people who contributed thousands of man-hours to her success.


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