Saturday, April 9, 2011

Score One For the Gays: Major Defection At National Organization For Marriage

NOM has been, in recent years, the loudest and most effective opponent against marriage equality in the US.  Their vile spokesperson, Maggie Gallagher, has been guilty of the worst kind of misleading rhetoric, propagating the (blatantly untrue) theory that children cannot be raised in a healthy environment unless their parents are opposite-sex and married to each other (never mind that she has had a child out of wedlock).  Perhaps highest on their list of crimes against humanity is their victory in Maine, effectively barring thousands of gay couples from having equal protection under the law.

The group suffered a huge setback this week, as one of their top organizers defected very publicly, announcing that he now supports same-sex marriage.  Louis Marinelli, who ran NOM's Facebook page and almost single-handedly masterminded their joke of a bus tour last year, is now a loud opponent of NOM's campaign of hate.  Read Jeremy Hooper's exclusive over at GoodAsYou, he has an excellent timeline of the events leading up to Marinelli's mutiny.

NOM, of course, has gone into an apoplectic fit of denial, essentially writing him off and insisting he was nothing more than a contracted bus driver, as well as deleting the Facebook page started by Marinelli.

It seems that NOM's addiction to lies and subterfuge has no end, even when their top organizers admit publicly that they're wrong.
Finally, Marinelli Tweeted today his own challenge to the President regarding DOMA (via JoeMyGod):

This circus just gets better and better.

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