Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Various Administration Sheeyit

Yes, ads are back.  For the past six months I've been blogging with zero payoff or revenue, so if you see something you find interesting in the Amazon associate banners, feel free to click.  I make a certain percentage off each purchase you make through my Amazon ads, so peruse!

That's right, Coca-Cola!  I drank your swill and put a picture of it on my blog!  Now give me some goddamn money!

Also, a reminder:  the best way to find my work is to "like" my Facebook fan page or to follow me on Twitter.  If you scroll down, on the left side of the page you'll find widgets that allow you to do that directly from this page.

Lastly, I'm always adding new blogs to my "Required Reading" blogroll, so click on over to my various friends and colleagues and read their bullshit too.

Love, peace, hair grease,

Ian Awesome

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