Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shirtgate: NOT Made In America

Here's a hint to so-called fiscal conservatives interesting in revamping the economy in the US by running for president: your fucking campaign t-shirts should probably be made in the US.


We expect this kind of idiocy from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum (at least Rick isn't really running on a true platform of fiscal conservatism, but instead a social one bashing gays), but candidates who are staking their names on sound fiscal policy have now been uncovered making the gaffe.

Herman Cain (you know, the guy who is going to save America with his experience running a pizza company) and Ron fucking Paul have both, it has been discovered, been producing their campaign T-shirts overseas.

"'No, I wasn't aware it was made in Honduras,' Cain said in response. 'I was just aware it was Fruit of the Loom ... which is an American company.'

"Ron Paul did not know, either -- but unlike other candidates, he isn't apologetic about it. 'I wasn't aware of it ... but I wouldn't change it,' said Paul. 'I would argue the case that the market should determine it.'"

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