Wednesday, August 3, 2011

O'Reilly Thinks Breast-Feeding Is At Fault For High Unemployment

OAQ's own Sarah N., our OneAngryAlly, reported yesterday on the Obama administration's decision to mandate that insurance companies provide copay-less coverage for birth control and other measures necessary to a woman's reproductive health.  The backlash from conservatives has been predictable, with naysayers complaining that we might as well start covering mani-pedis and doomsayers crying that free birth control will lead to the destruction of the American civilization.

Of course, right-wing nutjob Bill O'Reilly has chimed in, playing his usual alarmist bullshit cards by claiming that mandating providing birth control is going worsen the unemployment rate.  Just last week he said that women are normally too intoxicated to use birth control, of course, and now he thinks that this new regulation  will make it impossible for employers to hire women:
O’REILLY: Now the federal government is ordering the health insurance companies to pay for all breast feeding stuff, all female birth control stuff, all preventative measures for doctors for ladies that go in. What do you think that’s gonna do? That’s going to inhibit hiring even more! 
KUCINICH: Frankly, we ought to be very concerned about women’s health care. 
O’REILLY: I am concerned, but they’re not going to expand and hire if they have to pay higher health care premiums for workers! Businesses aren’t going to do it…You can’t have both. You can’t have a welfare state and a robust capitalist system.
He effortlessly ignores, of course, that preventative care among women will actually drive overall health care costs down, but then, that wouldn't get him any viewers, now would it?

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  1. yes, all that "breastfeeding stuff," you know, all that yucky lady-parts "stuff." Also, I <3 Dennis Kucinich. And people like O'Reilly, and Sandy Rios who I wrote about earlier today, and actually this whole entire debate is turning me into a feminist.