Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Newt's Tweeters Is Followed By A Bunch Of Fakes

Newt Gingrich has led, thus far, a troubled Presidential campaign highlighted by glitter-bombing and mass staffer resignations, but he wants you to know he's still a winner!  The proof?  He's got more Twitter followers than any of the other candidates!

"And it says, 'now it's true that Gingrich has 1.3 million followers and (Michele) Bachmann only has 59,000, but she's getting more new people every week.' It turned out I have six times as many Twitter followers as all the other candidates combined, but it didn't count because if it counted I'd still be a candidate; since I can't be a candidate that can't count. So we've been a little bit like a sailing ship in the middle of a hurricane in which we are sailing straight into the teeth of the media, and that slowed us down."
Er.  Except he really doesn't-- because most of his followers are fake accounts created by his campaign.

"Newt employs a variety of agencies whose sole purpose is to procure Twitter followers for people who are shallow/insecure/unpopular enough to pay for them. As you might guess, Newt is most decidedly one of the people to which these agencies cater.

"About 80 percent of those accounts are inactive or are dummy accounts created by various 'follow agencies,' another 10 percent are real people who are part of a network of folks who follow others back and are paying for followers themselves (Newt's profile just happens to be a part of these networks because he uses them, although he doesn't follow back), and the remaining 10 percent may, in fact, be real, sentient people who happen to like Newt Gingrich. If you simply scroll through his list of followers you'll see that most of them have odd usernames and no profile photos, which has to do with the fact that they were mass generated. Pathetic, isn't it?"

Pathetic indeed.  Sure, I'm always scrounging to get more Twitter followers to hawk my schlock, but I would never pay for them.  That may just be because Newt has the budget for that and I don't... maybe I should form a PAC...

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