Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ghana Intensifies The Crazy, Targets Schools And Educators

Ghana began an anti-gay witch-hunt last month, with the Minister of the Western Region declaring open season on gays, ordering the arrest of all LGBT citizens within his jurisdiction.  While it is unclear whether or not any arrests have actually taken place, various government institutions have ramped up their rhetoric, with the Ghana Education Service now admitting that homosexuality is running rampant through the school system.

From GhanaWeb, an anti-gay news service:

"GES, however says that neutralizing these schools, will not address the issue of homosexuality creeping into the Ghanaian society.

"Teachers in some single sex schools have been reported recently of forcefully having sex with some of their students.

"Students in these schools are also reported to be involved in intimate relationships with their colleagues.

"Critics of homosexuality say these incidents show that single sex schools are promoting the practice.

"The Deputy Director General of the GES, Stephen Adu told Citi News, a holistic approach is required to deal with the situation. He does not agree with calls for such schools to be converted into mixed schools."

I find any attack on the education of a nation's children to be disturbing and reminds me of certain historical precedents-- fears that homosexuals are "infiltrating" schools can only bring to mind parallel tactics used by the Third Reich to ensure that the education system fell into the Nazi Party line.  What's next?  The Aidoo Youth?

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